26. Runde: Chievo - Roma

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  • Wird nicht so ganz einfach gegen Chievo. Gut sie sind nicht so ganz gut drauf, haben aber eigentlich keine schwache Mannschaft. Wir müssen auf jedenfall pressing machen und schnell in Führung gehn!
    Being a Roma fan is a full-time job. A full-time job without pay, benefits or means to sanity.
  • Chievo coach Del Neri: No Roma grudge

    Chievo Verona coach Gigi del Neri insists there's no special motivation ahead of their next clash with Roma.

    Del Neri had an ill-fated spell at Roma and said: "Roma is an optimal team, is second in the championship, is fighting also on other fronts and has in its squad many players of talent, among which some are champions of the world.

    "A special challenge? It counts the same as the others: with Roma I lived an important experience, but it has been only a passing stage in my career."


    In meinen Augen hat der Schiss ;P
    Being a Roma fan is a full-time job. A full-time job without pay, benefits or means to sanity.
  • i convocati

    CASSETTI Marco
    CHIVU Cristian
    CURCI Gianluca
    DE ROSSI Daniele
    DEFENDI Rodrigo
    FATY Ricardo
    FERRARI Matteo
    MARANGON Alexander
    MEXES Philippe
    PANUCCI Christian
    PERROTTA Simone
    PIZARRO David
    ROSI Aleandro
    TADDEI Rodrigo
    TAVANO Francesco
    TOTTI Francesco
    VUCINIC Mirko
    WILHELMSSON Christian
  • Wie wärs mit Schonen für die Champions League?

    - DONI -


    - FATY -



    Obwohl, wir wissen ja, Schonen geht bei la Roma fast nie gut, da kommt am Ende dann meistens eine Niederlage dabei raus
  • Original von amantinooo
    Amantino fehlt oder bin ich blind? :>

    Genau, der fehlt.

    Ist zur Zeit nicht in sonderlich guter Verfassung / Form, wie wir in den letzten Spielen ja leider sehen mussten.

    Macht separates Training. Verletzt ist er aber nicht wirklich. Möglicherweise dient das nur dazu, damit er wieder in Form kommt und uns beim Lyon-Spiel wieder begeistern kann. So wie wir es von ihm gewohnt sind! :)
  • Spalletti denies Totti tension

    Luciano Spalletti is not worried by Francesco Totti’s alleged tension. “There is nothing wrong with the player.”

    The Giallorossi captain caused controversy over the weekend when he reacted angrily to Reggina goalkeeper Andrea Campagnolo after he saved his penalty in the 3-0 win over the Amaranto.

    The player explained that he felt conned by Campagnolo, who told him that he knew he would kick to his right, and felt frustrated after failing to convert a spot-kick for the sixth time this season, a trend which might keep him from winning the Capocannoniere crown.

    “I am not worried about Totti, he isn’t tense at all,” said Spalletti in his Press conference in view of the match with Chievo.

    “He is one of our most important players and has given a decisive contribution to our improvements over the past two years,” added the tactician.

    “I don’t remember other negative incidents which might have damaged Roma’s image and Totti is definitely one of the players who has done better.

    “I know how to manage him, I have learned this by getting to know him better, and I am aware of what I need to do. When I say that there are things that he needs to improve, I do it only for his well-being, as well as for the entire group.”

    Cristian Chivu has recovered from his injury and will be at the Coach’s disposal, as well as Rodrigo Taddei, and Spalletti hopes his men will remain focused despite Inter’s 14-point lead over Roma.

    “We must continue to do well and try to fill in this gap. My players are ready for the next three matches, although I will probably have to rest someone in view of the Champions League match with Lyon.

    “The second place in the table is an excellent result and we must maintain it until the end. The next two Serie A fixtures are both difficult, all teams seem to give their all against us. Empoli for example looked like an entirely different team three days after playing with us.”

    Spalletti confirmed the club plans to strengthen the squad, although he believes there is not much that needs to be improved.

    “We have some players on loan that can be useful to maintain a squad that has to compete in several competitions, but it isn’t easy to strengthen this team. We cannot buy Ronaldinho, that needs to be said, but this isn’t necessarily a problem,” he concluded.

    Being a Roma fan is a full-time job. A full-time job without pay, benefits or means to sanity.