Rudi Garcia (Allenatore)

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    • Rudi Garcia: "I would never coach Lazio, I will always be a Romanista"

      Former Roma coach Rudi Garcia will soon make his return in the Italian capital with his new club Marseille to face Lazio in the Europa League. It won't be a game like the others for the Frenchman, who still has a deep bond with the giallorossi, like he relvealed in an interview with Corriere dello Sport: "It will be a special game and I want to continue my personal winning streak against Lazio. That would be very important for Marseille. The whistles of Lazio fans? Fair enough, I am and I will always be a romanista. I would never coach Lazio, there's only Roma for me. The Biancocelesti deserve respect, the same respect that Lazio supporters have always shown to me".

      A player that arrived in Rome with Rudi Garcia and now has rejoined him in France is Kevin Strootman, who joined Marseille last summer: "When Roma got Nzonzi I called Marseille sporting director and asked him to send out some feelers. Honestly I didn't think he would accept to come here since he had just become father, and yet... Maybe Kevin didn't feel that the club had faith in him and we took advantage of this opportunity", concluded Garcia.

      Quelle: GDM
      “La Roma non si discute, si ama!“