Robin Olsen (1)

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    • Robin Olsen (1)

      Robin OLSEN (1)

      Geburtsort: Malmö (Schweden)
      Geburtstag: 08.01.1990
      Nationalität: Schweden/Dänemark
      Größe: 196 cm
      Gewicht: 86 kg
      Position: Torwart
      starker Fuß: rechts
      Rückennummer: 1
      Ausrüster: Nike
      Social Media:
      Vertrag bis: 30.06.2023
      Serie A Debüt: 19.08.2018 (FC Turin - AS Roma 0:1)
      Roma Debüt: 19.08.2018 (FC Turin - AS Roma 0:1)

      Bisherige Vereine:
      1997 – 2001 Malmö FF (Jugend)
      2001 - 2002 BK Olympic (Jugend)
      2002 - 2006 Malmö FF (Jugend)
      2007 - 2009 IF Limhamn Bunkeflo (Jugend)
      2009 - 2011 IF Limhamn Bunkeflo
      2011 - 2012 IFK Klagshamn
      2012 - 2015 Malmö FF
      2015 - 2016 PAOK Thessaloniki
      2016 - 2016 FC Kopenhagen (Leihe)
      2016 - 2018 FC Kopenhagen
      2018 - ? AS Roma

      Titel/persönliche Auszeichnungen:
      2 x dänischer Meister (FC Kopenhagen 15/16, 16/17)
      2 x dänischer Pokalsieger (FC Kopenhagen 15/16, 16/17)
      2 x schwedischer Meister (Malmö FF 13, 14)
      1 x schwedischer Superpokalsieger (Malmö FF 14)

      Nationalteam / Land (Spiele/Tore): Schweden (24/0)
      Debüt Nationalteam: 15.01.2015 Schweden - Elfenbeinküste (2:0)
    • Roma, Olsen: "Succeeding a goalkeeper like Alisson wasn't easy, now I feel more trust around me"

      After his arrival in the summer, many Roma fans were skeptical about his possibility of success in replaceing Alisson, however Swedish keeper Robin Olsen proved many people wrong thanks to his good performances so far in a giallorossi shirt.

      The ex-Copenaghen shot-stopper revealed how was his first impression with the new environment in an interview with Il Romanista: "Succeeding a great keeper like Alisson as Roma goalkeeper was not easy for me, I came from a smaller league and many didn't even know my name. I could feel the skepticism around me when I came. But I get it, I thought it was right, since I was replacing Alisson, a player that meant much for the club. Anyways, showing your value in such conditions is even better. Now I feel more confidence around me, the team always trusted me. I am also getting better with the language, I understand Italian but I can't speak it perfectly yet".

      An episode that boosted Olsen confidence was the hug from De Rossi after the game against Torino: "It was very importnat for me. There was so much pressure on me, but I could feel it during the game that De Rossi was supporting me. Keeping a clean sheet on the debut was also important", concluded the goalkeeper.

      Quelle: GDM
      “La Roma non si discute, si ama!“