Steven Nzonzi (42)

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    • Steven Nzonzi (42)

      Steven NZONZI (42)

      Geburtsort: Colombes (Frankreich)
      Geburtstag: 15.12.1988
      Nationalität: Frankreich/ DR Kongo
      Größe: 196 cm
      Gewicht: 75 kg
      Position: Defensives Mittelfeld (zentrales Mittelfeld)
      starker Fuß: rechts
      Rückennummer: 42
      Ausrüster: Nike
      Social Media:,
      Vertrag bis: 30.06.2022
      Serie A Debüt: 27.08.2018 (AS Roma - Atalanta Bergamo 3:3)
      Roma Debüt: 27.08.2018 (AS Roma - Atalanta Bergamo 3:3)

      Bisherige Vereine:
      1994 – 1999 SC Levallois (Jugend)
      1999 - 2002 Paris Saint-Germain (Jugend)
      2002 - 2003 CA Lisieux (Jugend)
      2003 - 2004 SM Caen (Jugend)
      2004- 2005 AS Beauvais (Jugend)
      2005 - 2008 SC Amiens (Jugend)
      2008 - 2009 SC Amiens
      2009 - 2012 Blackburn Rovers
      2012 - 2015 Stoke City
      2015 - 2018 FC Sevilla
      2018 - 2019 AS Roma
      2019 - 2020 Galatasaray Istanbul (Leihe)

      Titel/persönliche Auszeichnungen:
      1 x Europa League Sieger (FC Sevilla 15/16)
      1 x Weltmeister (Frankreich 2018)

      Nationalteam / Land (Spiele/Tore): Frankreich (14/-)
      Debüt Nationalteam: 10.11.2017 Frankreich - Wales (2:0)


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    • Roma, Nzonzi: "Monchi convinced me to come here. We have to be more consistent"

      French midfielder Steven Nzonzi was one of Monchi's falgship signing's of the summer transfer window, and since his arrival in the Italian capital city he gained a spot in Roma's midfield. The Giallorossi's season has been a roller coaster of emotions so far, with Di Francesco's side showing their best side in the Champions League rather than Serie A, as also confirmed by Nzonzi in an interview with Sky Sport.

      "We have to be more consistent in the league, we are slowly improving - said the Frenchman - The most important thing is to reach our goals. Monchi? We had a great relationship when he was at Sevilla and he convinced me to come here, telling me about the club's projects and about the coach".

      One of the players that helped him the most in the first few weeks was captain Daniele De Rossi, Nzonzi says: "He is the inetrmediary when the coach gives us tactical instructions, he is a very important player indeed. Training well and being fit is very important to me, but of course some games you play better than others. Serie A is a top league, one where every team is well-organised from a tactical point of view, so every game can be difficult. We have had a mixed season so far, but the team is great and there is still a long way to go. Another Frenchman to win the Scudetto for Roma after Candela? I hope that happens very soon, but it's not that easy", Nzonzi conluded.

      Quelle: GDM
      “La Roma non si discute, si ama!“